The demand for raw materials is increasing worldwide. That is why it is important to use raw materials more sustainable and smarter. Sustainable raw material management is becoming increasingly important for event and festival organisations due to objectives set by the central government (circular economy) and legislation and regulations in the field of disposable plastic (ban on single-use plastic).

One of the most important steps in resource management is to reduce waste and create resources.

We do this, among other things, by:

  • Defining the different types of raw materials per flow;
  • Quantify the types of raw materials;
  • Setting up resource areas and making an action plan for each resource area;
  • Determining the required deployment of materials and employees based on the above data;

As a raw materials collector, we are responsible for the raw materials that are released during the construction and dismantling period and during the festival or event itself. We monitor the raw materials and regard them as valuable products. We ensure that these raw materials are processed to the highest possible standard. We always make a choice that is the best and highest achievable for the organisation at that time. We work with partners that we trust and are just as transparent as we are. Afterwards, we always provide evidence regarding the correct treatment and processing of the removed raw materials.

We collect the following raw materials separately as standard (if available): Paper/Cardboard, Glass, Cans, (r)PET cups, Wood. Optional raw materials include organic waste, foil, and PMD.

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience with cup collection systems that contribute to legislation and regulations in the field of single-use plastic. As a result, we know better than anyone how important it is to treat this raw material with value and to provide the associated services accurately and with attention.

We use suitable collection resources for the collection of raw materials on location. Think, for example, of 240 liter and 1100 liter roll containers, wooden collection materials, foil bag holders. Our collection means can be provided with unambiguous and correct signing.

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